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BBIC Lighting Issues

Before APW Lighting Consultancy Ltd became a tenant at the Barnsley Business and Innovation Centre (BBIC), an energy efficient client promoted a T5 replacement lamp and ballast adaptor package for all their modular luminaires. This product had its own electronic ballast built in and the whole product would fit between the current lamp holders of the modular luminaires.

Throughout the years these products started to have lamp and ballast failures. As APW Lighting Consultancy Ltd became a tenant of BBIC, the caretaker asked if we, as lighting consulants, would investigate the failed luminaires.

Although the luminaires were switched by PIR’s, these were clearly set to a minimum of 15 minutes.

On close inspection, no markings were present on the luminaires, lamps or ballasts. The instructions also failed to mention the luminaires compliance with BS EN 60598-1:2004 and the relevant Part 2 of BS EN 60598. Apart from the luminaire the electronic control gear must comply with BS EN 55015:2006, EN61000-3-2:2006, BS EN61547:1996, BS EN 61347-2-1:2001, BS EN 61347-2-12:2005, and BS EN 60927:2007. Again there was no indication to the following British Standards anywhere on the product or instructions.

These products including lamp were imported from China and had not been manufactured to the relevant standards mentioned above.

Further inspection lead to blackening of the lamps near the end caps, components burning out on the ballast and scorching on the ballast cover. The replacement lamp/ballast product did not fit correctly within the modular luminaire as they rested on the louvre that was detached and rested within the T grid of the ceiling. This caused the weight of the luminaire to cut into the cheap plastic lamp cover. This product was not only unfit for its purpose, but also could have caused a fire within the ceiling void.

As this product was an adaptor and a replacement of the T8 lamp, this not only changed the design of the modular luminaire but also embarked on the CE marking of the original luminaire and changed the LOR of the that original luminaire.

As a lighting specialist we would advise you to read the following statement below to make your own judgement on luminaire/lamp adaptors, please read the following statement on the Lighting Industry Federation website:-

LIF Technical Statement No. 41 - T5 and T8 fluorescent lamp and LED lamp Adaptors "retro-fit conversion units” for T8, T10 & T12 Luminaires

APW Lighting Consultancy Ltd, or any person acting on the behalf of APW Lighting Consultancy Ltd, makes any warranty of representation, expressed or implied with respect to the information contained in this report or the technical statement produced by the LIF, or assumes any liability with respect to the use of, or damages resulting from the use of this information. In assessing the suitability of any specific product or installation the user must make their own judgement and/or take appropriate advice.

APW Lighting Consultancy Ltd can only comment on their findings and investigation of the product installed at BBIC, but will welcome any comments good or bad from companies who have got these installed.

APW Lighting Consultancy Ltd are always available for help and advice.


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