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Go Outdoors Lighting Design


Go Outdoors is one of the UK's largest outdoor stores, stocking a wide variety of waterproof jackets, winter clothing, camping equipment, tents and more.

APW Lighting Consultancy Ltd was invited by Wireframe Studio Ltd, as a lighting consultant for the projects, to design the main shop lighting and staff areas.

Being energy conscious about the projects, most stores have numerous skylights, so being Go Outdoors' lighting consultant, these skylights have been taken into consideration very seriously and with the aid of additional photocell operations incorporated within the luminaire system, the additional daylight dimming reduces the lighting levels from around 1000 lux to the specified 500 lux. These additional photocell features help reduce energy consumption throughout the stores especially in the summer months, where the luminaires maybe off but still keeping the 500 lux as specified.

The luminaire that have been used on these projects are the Dexeco Verteco 4x80w T5 LOR 84% and the Whitecroft Aerial 4x80w T5 LOR 85.2%. This versatile luminaires help keep the luminaires down to a minimum, but still having the ability to produce 500 lux as specified with a uniformity of 0.6 throughout the stores. Recent Stores have been placed with the 6x80w T5 versions to bring the lighting levels above 700 lux

It has been calculated that there would be a payback of around 5 years when using the above mentioned luminaire with photocells.

25 projects have been undertaken so far, which include Bedford, Colindale, Worthing, Blackburn, Swindon, Inverness and Clydebank, with a total of around 30 stores to be opened in the next three years.


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Go Outdoors

Go Outdoors

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