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Lidl Supermarket Lighting Design

Lidl is now well established as a major European food retailer. Their extensive network of stores is unmatched in the discount sector. As part of a massive expansion of stores and distribution centres, Level Ltd invited APW Lighting Consultancy Ltd to be part of a team to help develop lighting layouts, produce energy saving alternatives where applicable and provide Level Ltd with an all-round professional lighting service.

Lidl Mould and Blackpool exterior lighting have been produced using the Philips Koffer 2 luminaires for the car parking areas. These luminaires with their many lamp and lens configurations provide a prefect uniformity of light throughout the areas as well as keeping in with the CIBSE and ILE average and minimum lux levels as well as providing Lidl with their requests.

Lidl Lutterworth is going through a gradual re-vamp that includes the exterior, cold rooms and freezers. The cold stores at this moment in time are under lit with an average of 50-60 lux being recorded. A design has been put forward using corrosion style luminaires with an IP65 rating to ensure lamps and ballasts are protected from the fork lift trucks as well as the cold. The luminaires are mounted 12m high. Typical High bay and Low bay style luminaires c/w Son or Metal halide lamps were asked not to be used as PIR’s were to be considered down each racking aisle to reduce 24hr running costs.

The freezers have become a bit of a challenge due to a minimum temperature of -28º. Recessed low bay luminaires c/w white Son lamps have been put forward with rear entry capabilities and/or external control gear packs for ease of replacement lamps and gear. This is to ensure most of the work can be carried out in the ceiling void without the need of entering the freezers.

Lidl Belvedere is also going through a re-vamp with cold stores and exterior. The external has been produced using the Holophane Chalfont Post tops c/w 400w metal halide lamp. This luminaire placed at 8m high gave an excellent spread of light around the perimeter with spacing’s of 40m, keeping in with the CIBSE average and minimum lux levels as well as levels requested by Lidl.

All projects are continually being upgraded with a roll out of about 15 distribution centres.


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